The View! One last event! My favorite pens!

For the next book, as God is my witness, I'll see readers in person!

Friends! While We Were Dating is out in the world! Thank you all for buying it and requesting it from your library and reviewing it and embracing it, I’m thrilled that people are falling in love with Ben and Anna! And some of those people include the hosts of The View, who had this lovely segment about the book yesterday! I did three events earlier this week, and thank you all for virtually attending! I have one more event for this — I’ll be in conversation with Glory Edim courtesy of Books are Magic later today, and I’d love for lots of you to be there! I also wrote this piece for Catapult about the process of writing the book, and how writing can be a great joy. And I had a great time talking to Shondaland this week about While We Were Dating, and writing romance in general. FYI, if you would like a signed copy of While We Were Dating or any of my books, you can order from East Bay Booksellers through that link — just put in the notes on the purchase page that you’d like a signed copy (and if you’d like it personalized, and how) and I’ll sign it! I’m going there today to sign some more books, so it’s not too late!

Also, I just have to say:

It is interesting — but not surprising — to me that in the comments of the original tweet, there are all sorts of people attacking the poor woman for not saying yes simply to spare the man public humiliation. If you would like a book length exploration of this (but as a romance novel), you can get The Proposal, wherever books are sold!

On a very different topic: let’s talk about pens. I’ve said in a few interviews that I wrote the entire first draft of While We Were Dating by hand (it’s true!), and I’m pretty sure every word was written with a Pilot G-2 07 pen. But the other day I went to the stationary store, and I had an excellent time experimenting with the Uni-ball Signo 207 pen, and bought two of them. Will they win my heart? I guess we will see. Do you have favorite pens I should consider? Tell me about them in the comments!

Okay, next week I will have book recommendations for you, AND I’ll tell you all about the croissants I made this week to help with my pre-pub and publication day jitters (regular croissants, ham and cheese, and a cinnamon-sugar thing with some dough scraps), so hold tight for that!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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